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The company is

One month after I've placed my order they told me that the furniture was out of stock.They offered me new furniture, saying is more expensive normally, but they won't ask me any money.

But they delivered me some very bad quality furniture that was not at all as the one showed previously in the pictures. Also, the delivery was very much delayed. They told me we deliver today and they showed up a few days later.

Then I asked for a refund.It has been more than a month of promises of a refund and so far I haven't received my money back.



This Comment is null And void as in the information is not correct ,The item was not out of stock ,it got damaged during loading as the customer was informed of this.There was no more stock of this at the time so the customer was offered an alternative product direct from our supplier ,to which the product arrived incomplete ,we EMEDIATLEY had the items collected and then a refund was direct into the customers bank ,they just continued to say they had not received the refund when it was already in their bank account ,they have since checked this and all is fine .Please remember when a refund is required we need to receive the products back into our warehouse before refund can be initiated .

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